Pokhara Astronomical Society (PAS) is an educational initiative of science students, teachers and amateur astronomers of Pokhara to help in increasing astronomical knowledge and awareness of students and public. PAS is an independent, educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the astronomy and space science. It was formed on June 6, 2012, with the program Transit of Venus (ToV-2012). Its main objective is to increase the understanding of astronomy and space science by engaging educators, instructors, enthusiasts, students and public to science and science literacy. It has designed various outreach activities and is providing the resources to schools with their interest and need. It been organizing seminars, workshops, water rocket competitions, documentaries, star parties and most importantly Night Sky Observations through Telescopes.

We collaborate with national and international organization for the common benefit and betterment of our society. Developing country like Nepal has multiple benefit of space technology including strengthening communications infrastructures, disaster management, education, agriculture, environmental protection and natural resource management.